Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My kids' unique styles #jcpback2school

When it comes to style in my house, we have some similarities and some major differences with the girls. I think that all kids have their own styles and I enjoy letting my children explore and develop their own styles, as long as I find them to be appropriate! I am going to tell you a little bit about Emily’s style and Natalie’s as well.

Emily is my girly-girl. She loves just about anything pink and if it sparkles she likes it even better. Lately, she has been in this stage where she only wants to wear dresses. She loves them! So, of course, we have quite a few pink dresses in the laundry room at any given time!! J

She is learning to compromise and wear skorts and even shorts and pants (gasp!) when she needs to. Emily is my kid who loves to match and will literally show her dad why certain clothes do not match! I love it!

Accessories are a must with Emily! She loves to spruce up her outfits with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, purses, and sunglasses! She tells me that she wants me to add sparkles to some of her clothes, so when she gets a bit older I can totally see her altering her clothes to fit her eccentric style! I honestly can’t wait! I love it!!

Natalie is not that extreme, all though she does like to wear dresses too! A few weeks ago we went and got the girls some new dresses and as soon as we got home they needed to change – of course!! Natalie put on one of her new dresses, followed by her bib overalls! She prefers purple and blue to pink, so I get to shop in multi colors, which makes it more fun for me!!

In the stores, when Natalie sees a shirt or some other clothing that she likes, she could not care less whether it is in the girls’ section or the boys’. It was really funny at first having two children whose tastes n clothing were so different, but it has been fun to watch! Natalie is now in the stage where she wants to be more like her older sister in every way … including choices of clothes!

As the girls get older, I look forward to seeing in what ways their personal styles change…and seeing if I am right about Emily wanting to alter or design her own clothes!!

What about you, does your child have their own unique style that you would like to share?

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