Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's December Already??

My, oh my, time sure flies! It is already December!

My little Emily is going to be turning 5 on December 6 - she is almost ready to start school. I am not sure if I am ready for it, but this marks a BIG milestone in our lives.

It is the third of December, that means that Christmas is creeping up on us in just over 3 weeks, eek! For us Chirstmas is going to be a little different this year. On December 21 the girls and I are leaving to go to Montana. Zack has been there for a few months now and we are ready to be together as a family again.

I know that things have been few and far between around here, but I have been busy with school and packing. Ok, not as much packing as I should be doing, but what can I say, it is seriously crazy in our house. We have a total of ten, yes TEN, people living here right now. As much as I enjoy having the company, I am going to love the peace and quite when life gets back to normal...or maybe I will miss it, who really knows!


  1. Oh, I think you're have mixed feelings ... you'll love being reunited with your hubby and your family back in tact and you'll miss the craziness at the same time!! I know that I'm certainly going to miss you all ....

  2. It sounds Crazy I wish you the best kid. And happy belated birthday for your oldest Emily. I am glad your going to go see your hubby family is something very important and much needed. I know having your better half away is hard and it takes a lot but it makes you guys stronger. I have had my husband out to sea seven months at a time sometimes and it i understand the feeling. Do me one favore have a blast and dont forget to have run and laugh as much as you can w/ur family


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