Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cepia LLC's generousity is AMAZING!! Random Acts of Zhu 2011 #RAZ2011

How many kids do you know who LOVE Zhu Zhu pets? Tons, I am sure! There is a little bit of everything in the Zhu Zhu hamsters line up - original Zhu Zhu pets, Zhu Zhu babies, Kung Zhu Zhu Zhu pets, Zhu Zhu princesses, Zhu Zhu puppies, and Zhu Zhu pets Safari! Plenty of choices for boys and girls alike.
Cepia LLC, the "parent company" of the Zhu Zhu's, has for the last couple years created an amazingly generous program where they donate TONS of toys to charitable organizations through bloggers. I was blessed in being asked if I would like to participate in Random Acts of Zhu 2011! #RAZ2011

One day the FedEx truck pulled up in front of my house and the driver asked where we wanted them, he had over 40 boxes (!) of Zhu Zhu babies, outfits, accessories, and playlands. Each box had somewhere from 2 to 6 products inside of them!
We were able to donate the Zhu Zhu babies that we had received to Lyon County Community Coalition, for the annual Toys for Tots drive. The program director was very excited because, as Zhu Zhu is such a hot toy item, they had received many requests for Zhu Zhu items!
Thank you Cepia LLC and Mom Select  for allowing my family to participate in such an amazing program! We were blessed by #RAZ2011 and have developed even more brand loyalty toward the Zhu Zhu line up because of their desire for every child to be able to have an amazing Christmas!!


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