Monday, May 23, 2011

5 #GreatGetaways Every Kid Should Experience

It is almost Summer, schools are getting out for summer break, and it's time to have some fun! We love taking little trips in the summer -- and in the winter, spring, and fall :) There are so many things to see and do. I have compiled a list of 5 things/places every child should get to experience at least once. So, here it is:

5 Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Have -- at least once :)
* Disneyland *
We have never been able to go yet, but we are planning on going to Disneyland within the next couple of years! There is so much to do for even toddlers as young as two! Some examples of rides and areas a little kid-o would enjoy are It's a Small World (ride), Dumbo the Flying Elephant (ride), the Monorail (ride), Toontown (area), and Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (area.) For bigger kids and adults there is limitless fun to be had. I know that - with all girls - seeing the Disney Princesses is going to be high on the priority list when we get to Disneyland!
* Zoos  *
So far, we have only been to the Sacramento Zoo - a couple of times. The zoo is a great place to take kids - it is educational, exciting, and makes amazing memories! From a fairly young age my kids have been interested in different animals, they see them in stories, in cartoons, etc. Seeing them in a habitat like the ones they would be found in in nature is great for the kids to see. My daughters love the zoo, they could spend a whole day there...OK, my husband and I probably could too!
* Yellowstone National Park *
I have so many memories from my own childhood in Yellowstone National Park. There is so much to see, it is amazing! Old Faithful geyser is awesome - seriously, it inspires awe! As a child I remember standing there just watching it erupt, wanting to stay and watch it again. There are many other geysers in the park as well. The wildlife is beautiful - bison, elk, moose, bears, deer, big horn sheep, and more. I think it is good for children to experience things like this and see how amazing our natural world is!
* Museums *
It seems like almost every where there is a museum relatively close by. Museums offer a wealth of information on the past and on specific topics. There is fun, neat stuff to be seen. There are also children's museums which are tons of fun for the kids. They generally have things for the kids to do, play with, play on, make, etc.
* Ocean *
I think that everybody - child or adult - should go to the ocean, walk on the beach, see an endless expanse of ocean at least once. We love going to California and going to the ocean. One of our favorite things to do is go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You get to see so much ocean life, there are interactive exhibits, a kids zone and everything! We went out on the ocean last time we went for a whale watching cruise - what an experience! Can't wait to go again when it's a little warmer!! There is so much to do when you are at the ocean, it almost makes you want to pack up and move -- but for now it's just a great summer getaway!

What are some of the summer getaways that you and your family enjoy?

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  1. Im now going on 28 years old and i still havent been to disney land! I think the zoo is an awesome place to take children of all ages! By our zoo is a fairy tale town, funderland and a huge park, lots to do in one area!


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