Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make Diaper changing Fun & Easy with #SlipOnHuggies !!

When I first heard that Huggies came up with a slip-on diaper, I was curious. Now that I have seen them, I am ecstatic! Olivia just turned one last week, and she is a squirmy little lady when it comes to diaper changing. We never really had any problems with her being a little wiggle worm until she started becoming more mobile, then she didn’t want to stop for much of anything. Now that she is running – or at least her version of running – around there is no such thing as a nice, calm and still diaper change!

The biggest thing that we have going in our favor at diaper times is that we have had plenty of experience so we can change a diaper fairly quickly. The faster the better…as long as it’s on the correct way!

Another thing that we have done in the past is to take the baby somewhere quite, where there is not a lot going on. Minimizing the distractions makes the chances of our sweet baby turning into a squirmy go down at least a little. J Unfortunately, with big sisters around who want to be a part of everything, there is not always a place to go where distractions are few – at least in our house.

I cannot stand to use the strap on the baby changing stations in public restrooms – they are plain old nasty to me, so that is not one of my suggestions. In place of using the strap, I have found that keeping one hand on the baby’s tummy helps keep her in place and not moving. I am not sure if she stays still because my hand is holding her, or that she gets interested in playing with my fingers and forgets about moving – either way, mission accomplished!

Whatever method I use to making diaper changing easy, there will always be times when nothing is going to work. I am so glad that there is relief in sight with new Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers! All you have to do is get the baby, wipe ‘em clean and slip on a new diaper. Sounds easy right – so easy that if your little ball of energy decides they are not going to hang out and stay still for a diaper change, you just have to catch them and slip the diaper on and they are off to play, explore, and have a good time! I know that this will make Olivia happier to get a new diaper.

And as an added bonus, the little guys and gals who have already figured out how to take their diapers off will have to learn something new before their little bottom gets out of the new diapers!!

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