Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VBS Was Amazing!

This was the first year that my girls were able to go to VBS, and they loved it!! The theme was Hometown Nazareth and they got to go to Mary's house, the marketplace, had fun songs and crafts and got to pray for one of Mary's neighbors who did not believe that Jesus is the Messiah. It was amazing!!
Here are some pictures of the girls all dressed up for Nazareth!!

On Wednesday nights our church has a missionary themed program for the kids during the summer. Emily loves to pray for the unreached people and for those whose hearts need to be softened. At VBS when they prayed for Agnus (Mary's neighbor) it seemed to really bring the point home to Emily that we should be praying for lots of people, some right here not just those in distant and remote places. I think of everything that the kids learned while attending VBS, this was the most important!

Did your kids go to VBS this summer? What did you/they enjoy most about it?

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