Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Parties at School = Great Lesson for My Daughter

We do not celebrate halloween. My family does not feel like it is an appropriate holiday for us to celebrate as Christians. That doesn't mean that we think other people should not celebrate it. This is our first year with children in school. We have one child in preschool and another in kindergarten - and one more who is Mama's helper all day!
The preschool did a survey, of sorts, upon enrollment and one of the questions asked was if the child celebrates holidays. We put on there that we do not celebrate halloween, or santa at Christmas. The teacher was very kind, letting me know that she didn't know yet what their plans are for halloween but that at Christmas time they do have a visit from Santa. Again, just because it is not what we believe doesn't mean that other people should have the same feelings or beliefs - and that is what I told the teacher.
Kindergarten, apparently, has quite the halloween celebration, complete with a parade of {kids in} costumes. Emily, who is 5, has a great understanding of why we don't celebrate halloween, but was a little sad when she found out that her whole school will be celebrating it. She wanted to just stay home from school that day.
After a few talks, we decided that it is not always easy to stand for what you believe - that sometimes you might be the only one. Then we talked a little about Jesus, and how it was not always easy for Him, and how people actually hated Him for what He taught and stood for. It was one of those ah-ha moments in my daughter's life where she realized that being a Christian will sometimes set us apart from the world. I am glad that she learned this now over a pretty simple matter than later over something much bigger. I am proud of her.
What about you, how do you feel about halloween in general, and about halloween parties at school?

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