Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Election

I am just now finishing watching last night's Presidential debate.
Wow! These two men obviously do not care too much for each other, and they do have some fundamental differences. I have seen and read many posts on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc about each of the two presidential candidates and with references to the debates. I think that in this particular election there are very clear differences as far as policies, morals, priorities, taxes, everything. It's going to be an interesting election!
I am glad that the elections are almost here, because I am pretty tired of the political ads on television, on the radio, in the mail. Speaking of the election -- I hope that all who are able to vote, register and VOTE! It is our responsibility to have our voice heard.
Here is a little video that I came across on facebook one day, it's short and worth the few minutes it takes to watch it!

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