Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- A Little Help From A Big Sister

Olivia is almost five months old. We have just, in the last few days, started her on baby cereal. This child eats! With the other two it took a few exposures before they were really willing to eat a decent amount of baby cereal, not Olivia.
Well Natalie was very intrigued to see "her baby" sitting in the high chair and eating cereal. She wanted to help - so, I got her a baby doll, a bowl and a spoon. She seemed content feeding her baby as I was feeding Olivia. Content until I had to get up and turn my back for a second that is....

Don't worry -- Olivia didn't REALLY mind! =)

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  1. Very cute expression on Olivia's face! I bet these two are going to be great friends!

  2. It appear Oliva loved having her big sister feed her how sweet fun and adorable. Happy WW and new year to come!

  3. That is the trick -- getting the older kids to help take care of the younger ones. I once spoke to a women who had twelve children. I asked how she managed. She said that after the first six it became much easier.

  4. I have two boys and they always "help" each other. All it seems to do is annoy me lol.

  5. Happy New Year Katrina! Your children are so adorable! Thought I'd catch you up on on some photos as well!



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