Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Great #FamilyClassics Recipe using Coca-Cola

Food is something that most families associate with traditions. When you think Thanksgiving you probably think of all your family around the table eating turkey, maybe some sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. If I said corned beef and cabbage, I bet you would think Saint Patrick’s Day.

I like making new traditions with my family! My husband and all three of my daughters are serious ice cream lovers. Ok, who am I kidding, I really like ice cream too! Another of my husbands absolute favorite things is an ice cold Coca-Cola. Me, I prefer Diet Coke. Then there are the girls, they pretty much like any kind of coke they can get their hands on - they are 4 and 2 after all, no the baby does NOT get soda!!

Can you think of anything better, more classic, than a float?? I sure can't. It is only natural that with the love of Coke and the love of ice cream in my house that floats are treasured! Most people automatically think of a root beer float when you say "float," but let me tell you Coke (or for me Diet Coke) can make a darn good float! I prefer a Diet Coke float to any other.

Honestly, this is the first time that I have thought of a Diet Coke Float in years, but now that I am thinking about it you can bet that I will be making sure we have vanilla ice cream tomorrow! Thanks to this writing prompt, I am going to start a new tradition with the kids. I am thinking that every year when it starts getting warm, we will have a picnic out in the grass and after lunch we will make Coca-Cola floats and enjoy the amazing outdoors. Not only will that make for a fun little tradition, we can have time to sit and talk about how old things become new each spring and how the plants start to sprout and grow. Sounds like a perfect tie into talking and teaching the kids about Easter and the Resurrection!

What a wonderful tradition that will be!!

You know, Coke is good for so much more than the obvious…drinking! I was looking at a list of recipes that is provided on The Coca-Cola Company’s website. I would love to make the Sautéed Salmon with Sweet and Sour Sauce! There are some seriously delicious sounding recipes on there, be sure to check it out some time.

Do you have any family traditions or recipes featuring Coca-Cola? Or even some special memory? Please, share it with me!

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  2. Yummy, I want a Coke Float now. Following you back too! :)

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