Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - My baby with Her baby! {linky}

She loves her baby!!
I think that she slept better with that baby than any other nap in a long time!!

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Have a blessed day!

VBS Was Amazing!

This was the first year that my girls were able to go to VBS, and they loved it!! The theme was Hometown Nazareth and they got to go to Mary's house, the marketplace, had fun songs and crafts and got to pray for one of Mary's neighbors who did not believe that Jesus is the Messiah. It was amazing!!
Here are some pictures of the girls all dressed up for Nazareth!!

On Wednesday nights our church has a missionary themed program for the kids during the summer. Emily loves to pray for the unreached people and for those whose hearts need to be softened. At VBS when they prayed for Agnus (Mary's neighbor) it seemed to really bring the point home to Emily that we should be praying for lots of people, some right here not just those in distant and remote places. I think of everything that the kids learned while attending VBS, this was the most important!

Did your kids go to VBS this summer? What did you/they enjoy most about it?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I just watched my husband leave...

With the car packed full of as much as it can be, I just watched my husband drive away. Up until last night when we were loading the car with a table, clothes, food, a few pots & pans, other kitchen gadgets, and the fireworks we have that we can't light off here, up until that point all of this seemed a little different. Now, as I watched my husband drive away, knowing that it could be four months until we see him again, I just want to cry. BUT I am not going to - not now.
This is a separation that will be good for our family in the long run. Zack starts his new job in a couple of days so he has to be there now. For the girls and me to stay and finish this semester, it will make getting into the nursing program at MSUB a lot easier and I won't have to retake any of my classes. I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it!
If you could please keep Zack in your thoughts and prayers, as he is driving 14.5 hours today and then just a few hours tomorrow, I would be so thankful!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - A Scrapbook Page For My Dad {{Linky}}

I created this digital scrapbook page of our trip to my dad's house in Montana this summer using MyMemories Suite - it's awesome! If you like digital scrapbooking make sure you sign up for my feeds, email updates, or just keep coming back because I will be giving away a copy of this software soon! 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Blowing out the 1st candle! {{linky}}

Olivia turned one on August 2!

This was her birthday cake for her actual birthday - I will post pics from her birthday dinner/party later!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get a $10 CVS Gift Card For Only $6! Today Only!

Saveology is a new daily deal website, similar to Groupon. If you have never used Saveology before, then you are going to love the deal they have today exclusively for first time users! Today's National deal allows you to buy a $10 CVS gift card for only $6! That is a 40% savings before you even walk in the dook at CVS - think of the amazing ways to use this with your ECBs, coupons, and the sale prices to maximize your value!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time For Change

No, it's not a political slogan...all though that is a whole separate post...My husband and I have been talking about moving to Montana for a long time. In fact, when he proposed to me I told him that I was going to live in Montana and that he could take back the marriage proposal if he didn't want to move. Our original plan was to move to Montana before our first daughter was born. Well that all happened over five years ago, I guess that was not God's timing for us to move.
Last week my husband got a call from a company that he had been talking with and they offered him a job...starting in just over 2 weeks! We have been praying about moving for so long, and this door opening up for us is amazing. Soon my husband will be leaving and the girls and I will be staying in our home until we get it rented out, then we too will be off to Montana!
I am really very excited, this is a whole new start for us. While it is exciting, it is also quite scary. We are moving to Billings - a city that my husband and I know fairly little about. I anticipate many wonderful things. One of the greatest things about us moving is that our oldest daughter, Emily, will be able to be off of her daily medication because her allergies did not bother her at all when we were in Montana before!
I have so much to do to get ready, I am not sure where to start. OK, that is not entirely true - I know firsthand how cold a Montana winter is, so I started by buying Olivia her first pair of snow boots today, one size bigger than her feet are now!!! I am going to love this!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make Diaper changing Fun & Easy with #SlipOnHuggies !!

When I first heard that Huggies came up with a slip-on diaper, I was curious. Now that I have seen them, I am ecstatic! Olivia just turned one last week, and she is a squirmy little lady when it comes to diaper changing. We never really had any problems with her being a little wiggle worm until she started becoming more mobile, then she didn’t want to stop for much of anything. Now that she is running – or at least her version of running – around there is no such thing as a nice, calm and still diaper change!

The biggest thing that we have going in our favor at diaper times is that we have had plenty of experience so we can change a diaper fairly quickly. The faster the better…as long as it’s on the correct way!

Another thing that we have done in the past is to take the baby somewhere quite, where there is not a lot going on. Minimizing the distractions makes the chances of our sweet baby turning into a squirmy go down at least a little. J Unfortunately, with big sisters around who want to be a part of everything, there is not always a place to go where distractions are few – at least in our house.

I cannot stand to use the strap on the baby changing stations in public restrooms – they are plain old nasty to me, so that is not one of my suggestions. In place of using the strap, I have found that keeping one hand on the baby’s tummy helps keep her in place and not moving. I am not sure if she stays still because my hand is holding her, or that she gets interested in playing with my fingers and forgets about moving – either way, mission accomplished!

Whatever method I use to making diaper changing easy, there will always be times when nothing is going to work. I am so glad that there is relief in sight with new Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers! All you have to do is get the baby, wipe ‘em clean and slip on a new diaper. Sounds easy right – so easy that if your little ball of energy decides they are not going to hang out and stay still for a diaper change, you just have to catch them and slip the diaper on and they are off to play, explore, and have a good time! I know that this will make Olivia happier to get a new diaper.

And as an added bonus, the little guys and gals who have already figured out how to take their diapers off will have to learn something new before their little bottom gets out of the new diapers!!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: My Soccer Diva {{linky}}

Emily started soccer camp this week, we weren't sure how she was going to like it, but it seems that as long as she can wear pink and have a pink soccer ball she's all for it!!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Heathy tips for back to school #transitionslenses

Even though we all try to keep our children healthy all the time, summer tends to bring with it some less healthy habits – more snacking, video games, playing on the computer. Fortunately, there are also many opportunities for fun outdoor exercise to balance out those other things!

As everyone starts thinking about getting ready for back to school, we might also be thinking about starting some new healthy habits for our little ones. Here is a list of a few of my ideas to get the kids healthy and thinking “healthier” for back to school!

**Healthy Snacks** Forget about the Twinkies and Oreos, no more cookies and cupcakes! Think of healthy fun snacks like carrot and celery sticks – what?? Those don’t sound fun to you?? Add a small container of ranch for dipping and – viola – it’s fun!

**Go for a walk!** Even if it is just to the mailbox and back, get moving! Pretty soon the kids will be asking to go a little farther each day, go with it! Who knows, you might even meet some new friends walking around the block!

**Be involved!** There is always something for kids to be involved in – sports change each season, they are sure to like something! And then there are things like dancing, gymnastics, and music that are generally available year round. Not only is there the added benefit of the exercise, but it is also an opportunity for the kids to practice listening, paying attention, practicing, and more.

**Crank up the music!!** Nothing like a great cd playing while you guys dance around the house, having fun and burning a few calories. As an added bonus, there are also giggles sure to be included!!

**Chores** I know, it’s not any child’s favorite. Again, however, it helps the kids learn responsibility…and it helps mom out too!

**Read** Reading is not actually a physical activity – incase you were wondering – but it is a great activity for your brain! Besides, reading something that the kids enjoy outside of school reinforces that books are not just for school.

**Make your own lunch** School lunches are convienent sometimes, but when you make your kids lunch – you are in control of what food groups and portions your child is given. Besides, you can add a little love note from mom!

**Ditch the soda** Water, milk, and juice are all so much healthier for the kids – and for us! Not only will it cut out a bunch of sugar and calories, but it will make the dentist happy too!!

**Keep an open mind** Let the kids pick things that they want to do, you might be surprised at what they choose. I have found that when the kids are in on the decision making, they are more into it!

**Try new things** You don’t know if you are going to like something until you try it! This applies to everything – healthy foods, sports, exercises, activities, etc. We are trying soccer for the first time tonight for our four year old. She has everything pink that she needs and now is excited so we will see how it goes!!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Save Big on Your Cell Bill With Straight Talk

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Some of the things that I like best about the Straight Talk plans is that there are a variety of phones in every budget and that you can buy your minutes when you can afford them. I also love that the mobile web (and navigation on applicable phones) is included in the price and is unlimited -- that is a huge extra charge with most of the other carriers.

What is included with Straight Talk??
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There are a variety of phones available, with reconditioned phones with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability starting at only $10. There are also Smartphone available -- touch screen and app capable phones!
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If you have heard of Stratght Talk before and were just skeptical, or were waiting for your current contract to end to make the switch, think about this: the amount of money that you will be saving will cover the cost of the disconnect fee quickly -- especially if you use the web, texting, and apps on your phone. Straight Talk is available exclusively at Walmart, so what are you waiting for?!!

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