Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting cozy

So we were able to get the keys to our house on June 11 - it was supposed to be May 29, but things happen. Zack and I were so excited to be able to move into our first house and be able to make it ours. The first day that we came out here to start cleaning and what have you, we had an issue with a busted water pipe, which lead to the realization that our hot water heater had been stolen sometime while the house was in escrow. Not having any other option, we went to Home Depot and bought a new hot water heater. Turns out that there were issues with the way the old one was ripped from the wall and we required the assistance of a plumber, great guy - very friendly. Anyways, it was about two days later that our water got turned on and all of the issues were taken care of - thank God.
Anyways, there have been several things that we have had to do since moving in - the rest were expected! We had to tear out the carpet and had Home Depot install new's great! Had to get appliances, they come in apartments not houses. We painted the house - are painting actually, we still have the spare room to paint and some trim. And lots of cleaning!!! There are still quite a few things that need to be done, but we are turning this house into a home. My husband loves having a yard to play in and with...hopefully next year we will have a great garden, got a bit of a late start for this year.
Just wanted to let all of you know how we are coming along in our home-owning adventure. We would like to thank the people who have been giving us love and support during the times that we wanted to rip our hair out and the times that we could just stand back, hold hands, and smile.

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