Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yeah Right

Ok, so this morning Zack (hubby), Roger (his uncle), and Mike (a buddy of Zack's from work) went up by Elko to scout out Zack's hunting zone since archery season begins next Saturday. I had great ambitions of what I would get done while I was sans husband - finish lining the kitchen cupboards and get the drawers and cupboards in the bathrooms lined. Well, other than routine maintenience (sweeping, dishes) nothing happened to the kitchen and nothing at all happened to the bathrooms. It seems as though all of my "extra" chores today consisted of removing M&M slobber from the new carpet. Yes, if you turn your back for two minutes it is possible that your toddler will give your baby M&Ms and your baby will slobber blue, pink, and orange on your carpet. Thankfully, I read somewhere (sorry can't give credit because I don't remember where) that if you mix a few capfulls of peroxide with water it is the superman of cleaning chemicals...I agree!!!
...The point that I was getting at is that there is no way that I can do everything in one day that I would like to do and take care of my incredibly active, sometimes devious children, yeah right!

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