Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you remember the first steps?

Emily was 14 months old when she took her first unsteady, little steps from the coffee table to the couch. I remember that look on her face like she just accomplished something great - and it both amused and scared her!!

Natalie took her first steps long before she started walking (on a regular basis!) One day when my sister came over to pick up her son, she had Natalie in the room that in now our dining room, and she was playing with her and asked if she wanted to walk to Mama. Natalie played back and then took off! It was seriously like 4 or 5 steps - and she barley started standing up without holding on to things.

Now, I have heard so many things from "it is better for a begining walker to not wear shoes" to "it doesn't matter what kind of shoes they have" and a lot in between. But, thanks to Stride Rite, I am learning that it does matter a great deal what shoes babies and toddlers are wearing! Stride Rite has just developed a new line of shoes with of patent-pending Sensory Responce Technology (SRT)that "improves the way a child learns to walk via a sensory feedback system, an ultra-flexible design that allows for more freedom of movement, and a unique construction that reduces the number of stumbles and falls."

Don't worry - just because these shoes are great for the little guys' and gals' doesn't mean they are plain, boring, or ugly! They have some really cute designs in the new SRT line of shoes! Here are a couple!

For more information sheck out the Stride Rite website and become a fan on the Stride Rite Facebook Page - there is always something exciting going on over there - like giveaways and chat!

Stride Rite is sending us a pair of the new SRT shoes for Natalie to try, and I am really excited - she LOVES shoes!
Do you want to WIN A PAIR for your infant/toddler? (Sizes 3 to 8 in medium to wide sizes) All you have to do is fill out this form This contest is open to legal U.S. residents 18 years or older. The giveaway begins at 12:00 a.m. ET September 14th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET September 28th. Five winners will be chosen to receive a pair of SRT shoes – toddler size only ($50 RV per pair).
This contest is brought to you by Stride Rite and Momfluence.

Because this is a multi-blog contest, I cannot offer extra entries to win, but it would be cool if you would follow my blog, so that I can get the opportunity to continue bringing you great stuff!!!

After you enter to win, leave a comment sharing one of your favorite first steps memories...

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  1. We just got our first pair of Stride Rite too, and I am super impressed. I never bought special learner shoes for my kids, and they walk just fine ;-) But I am definitely impressed with the quality and engineering behind Stride Rite!!


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