Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things that bring a smile to my face...

Last night when we were eating dinner Zack and Emily were talking, I am really not too sure about what, but when I zoned into their conversation it went something like this:
Emily: Why is it like that Daddy?
Zack: Well baby, I guess you can ask Jesus when you see him.

At this point, I am wondering if I missed some really deep conversation or what...
Emily: Did you get us tickets to see him Dada?
Zack: Honey, you don't need to get tickets too see God, Jesus already bought your ticket a long time ago.

A few seconds went by...
Emily: STOP EATING GUYS...we need to say another prayer. She waited (not so) patiently for us to finish the bites we had, close our eyes, bow our heads, and "make our hands for a prayer"
Emily: Dear God, thank you for Jesus buying us tickets to see you. Amen

I love how freely she talks to God and her child-like faith!!!


This morning, Zack had gone to help Joan get moved, so I didn't really "fix" breakfast. We had some vanilla yogurt and a piece of banana-zucchini bread and a glass of milk. MMM...yummy! Anyways, Emily tends to be a slow eater, so Natalie had already finished her breakfast and was out of the high-chair at this point...I am washing a few dishes and I hear Emily start to cry while pleading with Natalie to "Give it back, it's mine" When I finally see what is going on, Natalie had been standing, watching Emily eat for a minute (at her little princess table) and had taken an opportunity to grab Emily's yogurt and RUN. I mean RUN!!
Natalie just started walking within the last month, but believe me - that girl can go fast! She had both hands holding this little bowl of yogurt and all I saw was this little diaper clad girl RUNNING away laughing.


These events bring a smile to my face and make my heart happy, I hope that you smiled too!


  1. Super cute!!!! I'm sure I'll have plenty of those stories when Miss Savannah starts walking :)

  2. Katrina you told me that about the Breakfast thing i just told Papa and now we both cracked up Miss u guys MOMA
    ooooo Papa just got smoked Trout fish out of smoker can u smell it XO


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