Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids SpinBrush® Review

We were sent a Kids SpinBrush® for Emily to try. The one that we were sent is a skateboard. We had a little bit of trouble at first convincing her that skateboards are for girls too. What actually got her to use it was when we turned it on and she saw that it was a "tickle toothbrush like the dentist uses!"
She loves it! She brushes for longer, doesn't ever tell us 'no' when we tell her it is time to brush her teeth. I am happier with it, because she is at the age where she likes to do things herself, and I know that even though her brushing ability has not changed much in the last week, her teeth are getting cleaned more because of the spinning motion on the top part.
The toothbrush (top part that actually brushes) is a great size for her little mouth. The base/handle could definately be a little smaller and more comfortable to hold...but you get used to it. That was the only bad thing about this toothbrush as far as we are concerned. When it is time for a new toothbrush, Emily has said that she wants the butterfly one!

Here are a list of some of the designs available:
Kids SpinBrush® (Girls)
• New! Butterfly
• Dolphin
• Ice Cream Cone
• Princess
Kids SpinBrush® (Boys)
• New! Skateboard
• Astronaut
• Soccer

Some facts about the Kids SpinBrush:
• Kids brush 38% longer with SpinBrush than with a
manual brush
• Perfect for kids ages 3-11
• Great handle design makes brushing more fun
• Smaller brush head
• Promotes healthy brushing, reduces plaque and massages
• Includes 2 replaceable AAA batteries
• Availability: Skateboard in November, Butterfly in
January 2009, others available now
• MRSP $4.99 - $5.99

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