Thursday, September 24, 2009

Natalie's Birthday Party

Ok, so Natalie turned 1 on 9/3 and we had her party on 9/6. I totally spaced the fact that it was Labor Day weekend - go figure! Anyways here are some pictures from her party! It was great fun. Without going into a TON of detail, we had a Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday theme. We had some family and friends over for a spaghetti and salad dinner and cake. It was great fun, here are some pictures.

Uncle Roger, Aunt Barbie and Allie

Grandma Michele (Grandma Shelly)


Me trying to open a baby doll and Natalie and Emily looking at me wondering how hard it could really be ;)

Andreu, Tiffany, Rich, Savannah, and Cody

Natalie getting cozy with Nana Joanie


Grandma Debbie, Grammy Pammy, and Natalie

The Barbie cake and Natalie's princess cake

Yes, I really did make that many cakes for my daughter's first birthday...don't ask!!!

Tyler and Erika

Natalie enjoying her cake

Zack (the hubby) giving me his version of "THE look" didn't work, the guys still came in and sang happy birthday then ;)

This might have been Natalie's favorite thing to play with - go figure.

Emily being a cutie and tring to get a balloon

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