Wednesday, December 9, 2009

E-Cover, Ecological Laundry Products *Review*

Have you ever heard of Ecover? It is a company that makes ecological cleaners for virtually every need: hand soap, dish soap, automatic dish soap, laundry detergent and softeners, all-purpose cleansers, bathroom cleansers, car wash and wax, boat wash and wax, and more! WOW!
Here is a little bit about Ecover from their website:
Ecover is an international company active in the production of ecological cleaners. Founded in 1980 in Belgium,we have been a trendsetter from the very start: as a pioneering company, marketing a phosphate-free washing powder even before phosphates were branded as a problem.
Since then, Ecover, under the ownership of Jørgen Philip Sørensen CBE, has developed into the world’s largest producer of ecological cleaning products. Besides its headquarters outside of Antwerp, Belgium, Ecover has sites in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Switzerland, and our products are marketed in more than 26 countries.

I was excited to have the opportunity to review some of Ecover's products, as I am all for companies that take extra steps to ensure that their production is not causing great harm to the environment and their products are more natural, and safer for our families!
I was sent for review one bottle each of Ecover's Delicate Wash HE, 32 oz and Fabric Softener HE, 32 oz. Let me start off by confessing that my washing machine is not a HE machine. None the less, the delicate wash and fabric softener both worked wonderfully. I washed some winter sweaters and wool socks first, and the delicate wash was gentle enough and the fabric softener was great enough that all of my "delicates" came out clean, soft, and smelling fresh. The delicate wash says that it is also great to use on hand-wash items, so I used it to spot clean Emily's princess dress (spot clean only) and it was easy to use and worked great!
Ecover products not only work and smell great, but they are affordable as well! That is always a concern, as it seems the "better" a product is for you or the Earth, the more it costs. Judging by the prices at the online retailer that sells Ecover products, they are fairly priced and worth the little bit extra! Shopping local is always a good option too, and there is a store locater to make that easier! And, something that I like, Ecover offers printable coupons to make their products an even better value!!


  1. I love Ecover! We use the dish soap and have for years now.

  2. I'm going to have to try these out!


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