Sunday, December 13, 2009

I like it...I hate it...I like it

The snow and I have a love/hate relationship.
Today, we are going more for hate.
Yesterday, we were in love. Yesterday, it was awesome! My kids got all dressed up in warm clothes and layers, and went out and played. I pretended to shovel snow for about three minutes until my husband so kindly offered to take over! ;)
Emily and Natalie both had such wonderful times in the snow that it was hard to bring them in. Natalie had to come first because, well, she was taking her boots off...and you just can't do that in the snow! She cried and banged on the door, pleading for someone to open it so that she could excape back into her winter wonderland! Emily learned how to make a snow angel, but didn't really care for the snow falling on her face as she made it.
It was great, we had fun.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love it My girls are sooooo cute

  2. Wish we could have been there to make snow Angels with you all Oma and Sierra


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