Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been feeling like the world is about to end

I am not talking about any of the "2012 is the end of the world" type nonsense, I have been feeling so sick. I have been incredibly nauseous, I get dizzy, I am tired.
When I sit perfectly still and don't talk, think, or move, I feel fine.
When I am sleeping, I feel fine.
So, I was sure that I had the dreaded swine flu or that I had some kind of stomach cancer - I know, it's a bit dramatic.
I know what it is, though, and I will not likely die from it or feel better any time soon. EPT gave me a +, yup, we are going to have another baby.
Let me give you a little bit of my pregnancy history - morning sickness, BAD, for about 4 1/2 months, with both of the girls. So, yes I am excited, but I will be much more excited when I am able to quit feeling like I am about to die or vomit!
I really am excited though!


  1. Funny, before I got to the reasoning of all your tired...I said...she's pregnant!! Congrats to you guys!! That's so great!!! I'm glad you are excited. I know the morning sickness sucks...or for some the all day and night sickness sucks. Why do they call it morning sickness anyway?!!? I'll be keeping you in my prayers for the sickness..I hope it goes away quickly for you. :0) Congrats again!!!! God Bless.

  2. Congratulations! Not for the sickness though! I know exactly what you are going through with the sickness! I had it really bad with my daughter all day long... I was literally throwing up everything...water included! If it happens that way again, I'm going to get the doctor to give me some sort of prescription for the nausea because there's no way I could take care of myself and a toddler too.

  3. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You're going to make me a grammy of 8....

  4. Awww! Congrats!!! I had morning (all day) sickness with my third. It was one of the worst things I hope it passes quickly for you!!!

  5. Congratulations!! Although I completely understand dreading the awful nausea. I'm saying a special prayer for you, that this pregnancy will be different - believe it or not, I experienced excess N & V in my 1st two pregnancies, but with the 3rd, I was only sick a couple of times when I ate the wrong things. Try not to eat to much starchy or sugary foods in the early part of the day. Try proteins and breads (chicken and toast)and see how that goes. Good luck!

  6. Congrats and praying that this pregnancy will be a smooth ride!


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