Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day in the Desert

Yesterday was Emily's 3rd birthday and we had a birthday tea party for her, and before anybody got here, Zack had asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Her answer was simple, "A snowman." Zack looked outside and told her that she just might get it! Well, not yesterday on her birthday, but today definately has snowman potential.
When Emily saw the snow this morning she wanted to go out and play in it. Anyone else want to swing with her? Hehe. One thing that we have yet to invest in is a snow shovel. Yup, all that snow and no shovel. Zack actually had to "dig" the truck out this morning with my broom. Poor guy! Times like these, I get a new appreciation for the maintenence crew at the appartments we used to live in!
I hope that you all have a wonderfully blessed day and enjoy your weather, whatever it may be!


  1. Brrrr...looks really cold. Wow and that in Nevada. We actually have a winter storm here in the Valley of the Sun -- rain and wind -- and we have the heater running :)

    Glad that your girl got her birthday wish - even it is a day late :)

  2. I'll play with your daughter! I love snow!


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