Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Totally Talented Tuesday -- Crafty Kids!!

Every Wednesday we go to the Dayton Library, where they have story time. They usually read three books, sing a couple of songs, and then make a craft. Here are some of the kids' fall crafts that we have hanging up!

Fun, huh?

If there is some crafty-ness going on in your house, please link up and share it with us, by clicking the button above!!! Thanks Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House for hosting Totally Talented Tuesday!!


  1. That is so neat and sounds like so much fun!! I need to see if one of my libraries does something like that!

  2. Oh, and thanks for playing along! :D

  3. kids crafts are awesome. I like the leaf wreaths!

  4. The apple trees are adorable! We went to story time at the library when my older boys were little too.

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