Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Bowl Ads

I have heard many times, from many people that they watch the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as for the game.

For some people, the commercials are more interesting than the football itself.

I recently stumbled across a momlogic post about a controversial commercial that is to air during the Super Bowl. The commercial is paid for by Focus on the Family, and has a theme of "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life. Here is a little blurb from a Washington Post article on the issues over the commercial:
The ad - paid for by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family - is expected to recount the story of Pam Tebow's pregnancy in 1987 with a theme of "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." After getting sick during a mission trip to the Philippines, she ignored a recommendation by doctors to abort her fifth child and gave birth to Tim, who went on to win the 2007 Heisman Trophy while helping his Florida team to two BCS championships.

There is much controversy over the commercial, here is one example, also from the above Washington Post article:
"An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year - an event designed to bring Americans together," said Jehmu Greene, president of the New York-based Women's Media Center.

I had to laugh at the last part of that, about the Super Bowl being an event designed to bring Americans together. Anyways, I am praying that, in the event that I watch the Super Bowl, I see this commercial...I am sure that it is one that would stick with me as opposed to frogs chanting bud-weis-er.

What are your thoughts?

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