Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tassimo Hot Beverage System Review

I love coffee, tea, and on occasion hot cocoa.
Zack loves coffee, espresso, etc.
Emily loves tea and hot cocoa.
Natalie love to drink whatever she can get a hold of. LOL!

These are just some of the reasons that I was so excited to receive a Tassimo T45 Hot Beverage System, free for review.

We didn't wait too long after receiving our tassimo to try it out, only long enough for Zack to get home and help me put it together. My part was to keep the kids busy and he put it together...but I did put in the water filter! The machine was easy enough to put together, following the directions.

The first thing that I loved about the Tassimo was that our model included an optional water filter, and came with an extra filter for later use.
The ease of using the hot beverage system was amazing. The Tassimo uses T-Disks to make whatever beverage you want. There is a barcode on each disk that when inserted into the machine is "read" and within 60 seconds the beverave is ready to drink!
I really liked that the Tassimo came with a disk for cleaning and decalcifying the machine, and the disk fits neatly into a pocket behind the water tank.

For my review, I was also sent four packages of T-Disks: Starbucks Cafe Verona, Starbucks Cappuccino Primo, Twinnings Chai Tea Latte, and Milka Hot Chocolate. I also noticed in the box that the Tassimo Machine came in, there was an offer of receiving a couple packages of free T-Disks just for registering the machine - it is always nice to get a thank you for using an amazing product, huh? :)

Another of the many things that I like about the T45 is that it makes, or can make a variety of drinks including: coffee, espresso, cappucuino, latte, hot chocolate, tea, and even had a t-disk to add real milk creamers to your beverages! We have tried a variety of drinks, sometimes making three drinks one after the other, and have never had any flavor trasfer from one cup to another, that is one of my favorite features of this machine!!!

There were three drawbacks that we have noticed thus far with our tassimo. First, the lattes are not as frothy as they are when you order them in a coffee shop - this does not bother me, but some people really like the froth. Second, there is no way to control the brewing temperature. I really wish that there was an option on the temperature because of making drinks for the kids, or even adults who don't want their beverave that hot. Third, we used our coffee grounds in the compost for our garden, but with the T-Disks it is more difficult and not really worth it to get the grounds out once used - but it is possible!

Overall, I would reccomend this product as we have had great results from it. The retail cost of the Tassimo T45 Hot Beverage System that we were provided with is approximately $169.00, which allthough is quite a bit up front it pays itself off with the savings versus going to a coffee shop.
The price of the T-Disks varies based on what brand and type of drink you are looking for. For example Starbucks coffee ranges from $10.49 to $10.99 for a 12 disk pack, Seattle's Best is $8.99 for 16 T-Disks, you can get espresso starting at only $7.99 for 16 T-disks. For the occassional coffee drinker, this is a great deal: there are no more half pots of wasted coffee. For the person who can sit and drink an entire pot of coffee, this might not be the cheapest way to go, but can make a great addition for those times that you want a specialty drink!

I have more pictures of some of the beveraves that we have made, but my computer is acting up tonight. Hopefully I will be able to upload them soon, and will link back to this review at that time.

If you have any questions for me about my familys' experience with our Tassimo Beverage Machine, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer you!

Yes we were provided a free Tassimo T45 for this review, but the opinions are my own and have not been edited by any one. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.


  1. I am really, really wanting to try this out, it looks so cool! Since my Gaggia machine broke, I've been trying to decide what to get to replace it. I REALLY MISS good coffee. Also love the idea of the Chai tea, cocoas, etc. And just popping in and out a pod seems like a great clean-up. Are you just loving it Katrina?

  2. I love that they have Starbucks coffee for this machine! I have been looking for a one cup coffee maker, I think I saw this one at BB&B. Have you been able to find the "T-disks" fairly easily without ordering them online?


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