Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Little Princesses

Little girls love dress up, and these three are no exception! Well, maybe Natalie wasn't having the best time while this picture was being taken...if she would have only stood up, it all would have been more harmonious!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Wednesday and a blessed week!


  1. This makes me smile. I can never get my kids to stand still or sometimes even stand up :)

    They are just too cute. This is a keeper for the albums to smile about later.

  2. OOOooooooo they are all sooo cute, wish we could do this more often. We love you all Oma

  3. What's cool about kids is that they never take a perfect picture, but that makes it all the better some times.

  4. So cute - since I only have 1 boy I didn't get to do the princess thing with kids - looks so fun!

  5. How adorable! Bella loves to dress up as well.


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