Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Ultrasound Pics

This is our little baby, he or she seems to be growing just fine. It's a stubborn little thing though, becasue as you know (if you read my previous post) that the baby would not uncross its legs so the sex could be determined.

The top picture is the baby with his/her hand by his/her face.
The bottom picture is the baby's face...what a cutie, huh?


  1. How exciting. And what a fun wordless Weds picture to post!

  2. That wasn't at ALL what I was expecting to see upon a visit to your site, but that's okay. Congratulations!

    I recently switched my blog over to wordpress and I lost all of my readers in the process. If you were one of them, you can now find me at my new site See you around!


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