Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boys Sent Home From School For Wearing Clothes With American Flags on Cinco de Mayo.

This morning, as I was checking my email, I noticed a news blurb on Yahoo that said "Students Sent Home Over American Flag Shirts". Naturally, it peaked my interest.
I am appalled at the idea of kids being sent home from school for wearing clothes that have American flags on them - I DO NOT CARE if it is Cinco de Mayo or any other day, this is still America.
These boys were not being racist, a few of them are part Mexican.
When did it turn into a crime to be proud of THIS country?


  1. I agree completely!!! That is crap! We should make it so one day a week everyone wears red white and blue-You have black history month, celebrate cinco de mayo, all sorts of other stuff in school-but we can't even say Marry Christmas or call it Easter break (spring break) anymore. It is very sad I wish more people would speak up and stop being stomped on! Those boys ROCK!!!

  2. Amen... Read my post today. It's down this line. Loving our country. :)

  3. I read the same thing! I was seeing red until I remembered Jesus words from the cross. Forgive for they do not know what they are doing. These protest, only because the can protest. The blood of many soldiers paid for that right.


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