Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Big Jumps!!

Last night we went to the mall in Reno, and they have a trampoline where the kids are attached to bungee cord-type things. Emily has always been interested in it, but was always too scared to try it. Last night, she decided it was time, ans so did Natalie!!! They had a blast! Sorry for the image quality and the blurriness, but I took the pics with my cell phone and they were jumping!!!

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  1. That looks like fun!!!!

  2. The bungees are a great idea, My son busted a lip open playing on a tramp with friends who stood outside and looked through the window while it got stitched. So weird just as it happened one of the other moms was telling me she had a dream about it the night before. My kids had tramp training in gymnastics but too many jumpers is a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. the boys did that when we took them to disney...


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