Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Katrina Versus Weeds {{linky}}

The other day, the girls and I decided to take a walk to the mailbox. When we were almost home I asked if anyone wanted to pull weeds for a few minutes. Emily got excited and wanted to have a weed-pulling party -- everything is more fun when it's a party, right?!? Anyways I got into it, and quite a while later was wore out. Here is what happened:

I pulled a lot of weeds! The stupid weeds gave me two blisters and a fairly nasty little hole in a part of my finger (cut?) But, I am going to claim the victory for this round!

Weeds:0  Katrina:1

Check back later for an updated score!!

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  1. thanks for the linky!

    Love your Americana background!


  2. Okay, so we have the same name. I just have to say hello! It's not everyday that I meet another Katrina.

    How about that hurricane, huh? That thing really did a number on our name. Made the name famous.


    Saw your link on the Wordless Wednesday hop.
    I'm a new follower of your blog :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  3. I love how excited little kids get when you call something a "party". That's how I get my 5 year old to clean up just about anything! lol

  4. I think the weeds are winning at my house. We got 5 inches of rain then the temp went up to the 90's. Can you say 2 foot tall weeds?

  5. Weeds don't like to be pulled and fight back. Seems like they always win in the end, no matter how many you pull.


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