Thursday, September 1, 2011

A look back to #TheDayBabyWasBorn

December 5, 2006 started out like any other day, progressed like any other day, it really was like any other day – until about 8:45 that night, then it all changed. I was two days past my due date and was sure that my baby girl was as stubborn as her mama and was staying right where she was FOREVER… as it turns out, I have never been happier to be wrong!
I was on the phone with my Oma and was telling her good night. I brushed my teeth and was getting ready for bed when my water broke. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on. I always envisioned “water breaking” to be like a giant water balloon popping and a bunch of water and then it’s over – well it didn’t take too long for my husband and I to realize that is not how it happens at all. As soon as we agreed that my water broke, we called labor and delivery at the hospital (like they told us in the classes) and got our bag packed and went to the hospital.
It was right around 10:30 when I was admitted and it took forever for labor to progress – I mean forever! I got an epideral, which is something that I was unsure about until I felt the pain of strong contractions. My husband, mom, mother-in-law, and sister were all waiting for me to finally have the baby, it was comical.
At 12:12 pm on December 6, 2006 my first beautiful, precious baby was born. Emily Felicitas came into this world and seeing her for the first time, holding MY BABY for the first time…there is nothing better in this world!
There are many things I remember about that day. The weather was cold, it was snowing and we could see the snow flakes falling out of our hospital room. I remember the name of the nurse who helped deliver Emily and who, along with Zack, gave her her first bath. I remember the people who came to meet her in the hospital and the flowers that she received both in the hospital and at home. There is so much that I remember about that day. Sitting here thinking of it as I type this brings it all back, I wish I would have kept a pregnancy journal though, it would be fun to give to the girls later!
Tommee Tippee is a leading brand of infant and toddler feeding and other products. They now offer a great digital storybook called “The Day Baby Was Born” it looks like a great resource to track your pregnancy right up until the day your baby is born!
With The Day Baby Was Born, you can capture some or all of the following, depending on how much time you want to spend:
· Facebook Wall comments and well-wishes by friends and family through pregnancy and birth announcements
· Your pregnancy journal from each week of the journey to the birth day
· News, facts and information from the day your baby was born
· Your personal story and letter to baby to preserve forever the feelings from that day
· It’s is a simple way to create a beautiful record of the world at the moment your baby arrived
Start your own storybook today.
I wish this would have been around while I was pregnant!!
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