Monday, September 26, 2011

Quest For Zhu -- The New Zhu Zhu Pet Movie!!

We love ZhuZhu pets, seriously there are more squeaky little hamsters with attitude running around my house than there are children! So naturally, when we were given the opportunity to get the movie and have a little premier party, my kids were ecstatic!!
Synopsis of Quest For Zhu:
The heartwarming tale of four lively young teens (who just happen to be hamsters) on a quest to find the Palace of Zhu, where they believe all their dreams will come true. Join the feisty and lovable Pipsqueak as she gets swept away to the other side of the Zhuniverse. On her adventure, she befriends Chunk, Num Nums and Mr. Squiggles, and when they arrive at the Palace of Zhu, they realize it is just the beginning of their remarkable journey. A mean-spirited and controlling reptilian creature, Mezhula, tries to stand in the way of making all of their dreams come true but, by working together, our true Zhu heroes save the day! Pipsqueak realizes she already had everything she ever dreamed of and all she really wants is to find a way back home.

For our party we were sent a copy of the DVD The Quest For Zhu, some limited-edition figurines, posters, twizzlers, and some fun themed recipes and games. We decided that we were going to have "Pipsqueaks Pizza Bar" at our party, and we each got to make our own pizza -- ok, the kids each got to make their own half! It was fun!!
We also made "Quest For Zhu Kettle Corn" and that went over very well, with us all!!! It was a great treat while we were enjoying the movie!

The kids and I had a couple friends over and everyone enjoyed the movie! The kids who were watching the movie ranged in age from about 2 to 6. A couple parts of the movie could be considered "scary" if you have a fairly sensitive child, but overall it was a great family friendly movie. There is a great theme to the movie -- the power is inside of you! Throughout The Quest For Zhu the hampsters, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Num Nums, and Mr. Squiggles learn some valuable lessons while having fun. A couple of times in the movie there are some songs, which my kids are very into! The music videos can be found on the menu at the end of the movie as well.

One of my daughter's favorite things about The Quest For Zhu is the music videos - she likes to dance along with the "hams." I think it's super cute!! Here is Emily's thoughts that she would like to share on The Quest For Zhu:

This movie comes out on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 (tomorrow!!)
I am sure that you will be able to find it at your favorite store, or you can preorder/order it from Amazon now! If you have little kids or any zhu-natics(!) this would definitely be a great movie for you....or a great Christmas gift!

Disclosure: I was sent a movie party pack and received products for free to host this party. All opinions are mine/ours.

Thank you for stopping by, have a blessed day!!

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