Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - A Reason To Wash Your Produce {{Linky}}

I bought some raspberries to make jam the other day, and when I was washing them I found this little guy:

Yes, it is a snail...on the raspberry. No, I'm not adding it to the jam!! :) No extra protein needed!!

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Have a blessed day!


  1. You can be sure, there is not so much poison on this fruits :)
    Thanks for joining
    *Tina´s Wordless Wednesday* :)

  2. ewww Thanks for the reminder!!

    Feel free to link up on my WW post too!

  3. At least you found it before anyone had escargot in their cereal.

  4. Oooo--I wouldn't be able to eat any of those!
    So glad I found your blog today!

  5. Ick! I totally would have missed it and ended up eating it-- but like Simba says, "slimy but satisfying!" Ha. {yeah right}

  6. Hmmmm....raspberry-flavored snail-mail.....Have a great WW.

  7. Aww, its cute. I wasn't sure what it was at first. Had to read what you wrote. Though I do think I will remember to wash my fruit now.

  8. Ohhhhh Grossssss! Yuck! I will def check my Raspberries better when rinsing them off!


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