Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For my birthday my hubby got me a Nintendo Wii, it is awesome. I love it, there are not enough good things to say about it. Well we have only a limited number of games - sports package that came with it (bowling, baseball, boxing, tennis, and golf) and of course we have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09!! Well my husbands cousin let us borrow her Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 and microphone...we are so going to buy it! It is great!
Earlier I was dancing and singing a song by the Spice Girls...don't act like you never liked them (I wont tell anyone). After I was done, and the judges laid into me pretty hard, it was Emily's turn. She is sooo stinking cute! She was swaying and singing - PRICELESS! Then a few minutes later I was in the kitchen and I hear my husband serenading Emily with "Hey Their Delilah"
Like I said, amazing family fun, worth every penny - but incredibly ADDICTING!!!

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  1. We want a Wii! They do seem like they'd be fun...and something the whole family could do together!


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