Thursday, August 13, 2009



SmartyCard is a great interactive, educational activity for kids. It is geared toward children and tween in grades 3 through 6 (ages 7-12.) Learning is fun with SmartyCard, it keeps kids engaged!

You can log on and try SmartyCard absolutely free, but the access is limited and the points that would be rewarded upon successful completion of an activity are not valid.

The way that it works is you buy the points and then your child earns them through successfully completing learning activities, available in reading, writing, math, social studies, cultural studies, technology and science. You can add points to a Free account for as little as $10 (that is 5,000 points!!!) or there are subscription options.

What is the purpose of points? Yeah, I wondered that too! Your child can trade the points that they earn in for rewards/prizes. Some of the rewards are subscriptions and virtual currencies for virtual worlds to tangible rewards including CDs, toys, video games, books, craft and science kits, DVDs that will come in the mail.

To try this program we were provided with 5000 points.

We logged on today and were going through some of the third grade lessons. The thing that really impressed me was that in the middle of the lesson Emily and I were doing together, it stopped asking questions and just cheered her on to keep going - I thought that was pretty cool. The questions were challenging - age/grade appropriate.

It was fun!

Really, we learned while we were playing. I can definately see how this program could keep a child or tween engaged for at least half an hour.

I do encourage you to try it, it is FREE to never know, this may be your child's new favorite way of learning new things and building their confidence in their schoolwork!

I am an affiliate for SmartyCard.

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