Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Orajel study finds that 56 percent of Americans least like to encounter a cranky baby in a movie theater.

When is your LEAST favorite time to hear a baby crying, screaming, or just plain fussing?

According to a study by the maker of Baby Orajel® teething pain medicine, the worst place is a movie theater. Interesting results include the following:

• More than 56
percent of Americans claim that the worst place to encounter a cranky baby is at
a movie theater. Other places where people hate to encounter a cranky baby are
(in order): on an airplane (22 percent), at a church or religious function (12
percent) and at a restaurant (10 percent).
• Surprisingly, parents are more
likely than non-parents (61 percent vs. 52 percent) to place movie theaters at
the top of their list of bad places to encounter a cranky baby.
• While you
may not think it when sitting next to one, crying babies aren’t nearly as
annoying as other loud noises you may encounter during the day. The survey
showed that the most frustrating sounds to hear (in order) are: a car alarm (39
percent), jackhammer (28 percent), baby crying (21 percent) and a barking dog
(13 percent).
• Parents, who are more accustomed to the sound of cranky
infants, are less likely than those without children to get annoyed by the sound
of a crying baby. Specifically, 25 percent of non-parents named a baby crying as
the most frustrating sound to hear, while only 15 percent of parents stated that
in the survey.

After reading the results of the survey, I thought about it...yeah - cranky, teething babies are a bummer, but thankfully there is relief for them - baby orajel! We used both baby orajel and natural teething tablets with Emily and it made things a lot easier on her and on us too!!! Natalie is right there...starting to teeth (at 11 months, crazy, right?) But Baby Orajel has come out with a new soothing cucumber teething gel, I will let you all know what we think of it - we will be trying it soon!

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