Friday, August 7, 2009

LOVE Coffee

My husband told me this morning that I am now a junkie!
What can I say, there is something about the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee that gets me, everytime. I have recently discovered that I not only like my coffee black or professionally mixed (Starbucks) but I really like Dulce de Leche creamer in my coffee!
I was talking to my sister and her husband the other night and told them that with my new discovery, I don't think I will ever again feel the need to rush to Starbucks for my ultimate favorite - carmel macchiato - because I come pretty close to it myself.
What an eye opener, I can save so much money induging myself...with many fewer calories too!!! Just thought I would share, and maybe even encourage you to try it - come on over and I will make you a cup!

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