Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girls Trip to Montana

Our "girl trip" to Montana was wonderful!
The girls rode well in the truck - thanks in LARGE part to a new, dual screened DVD player that attaches to the head rest. Some people thought that I was crazy for getting two screens, but Natalie is still rear-facing so she cant see the other one. I try not to play favorites!!!

We were all happy when we finally got to Livingston and were able to get out of the truck for a while! Visiting was great, Emily was friendly and talked, played, and even sat with Grandpa Larry and Grandma Lynette - this is a HUGE difference from the last time that we were there ;-)
Natalie was a little loveable girl - she started walking about the second day that we were there, and has only gotten better at it!
Livingston was nice - we went to the park, Farmer's Market, and more.

We were able to go to Billings and see Brent (my brother), Savannah (his wife) and Parker (their little guy) and then to go visit my Grandpa Larry and go out to dinner for his birthday!


The second week that we were in Montana, we went to Helena to stay with Papa, Oma, and Sierra. Aunt Jody cam over from Butte and stayed a couple of says as well - that made it really nice so that we could all visit together and the girls wouldn't have to be in the truck any more than there were already (driving to Butte and back.)

Again, Emily was much more loving and was much nicer to Papa than she was last time we were there. He earned some brownie points for sure when he told us that we could eat whatever raspberries we picked...who knew that my kids were such berry eaters! Seriously!
Emily had a couple of owies and Papa doctored her up real good! There were times that Papa would find himself with a lap full of little girls!

Papa took me fishing one day that we were there. It was a beautiful boat ride. I can't believe what is happening to the trees though. Beetles are killing them - BAD. I thought it was kind of pretty to have a few red specks here and there last time we went to Montana, but this time there was nothing pretty about it, it is spreading fast.
Oma and Sierra were glad to have us there so there were more kids to play with! We went swimming, jumpped on the trampoline, played outside, and more - it was great!
Oma tought me how to knit, so now I am on a scarf-making mission (might be your Christmas gift!)

It was wonderful to visit people that I hadn't seen in what feels like a very long time. I was glad that everyone seemed to be doing well.


It doesn't really matter how lovely a vacation may be, it is always nice to return home. Nothing beats walking into your own house and sleeping on your own bed...
That may not be entirely true - Zack was not able to come with us to Montana this time because of work, so seeing him was the best part of coming home. Two weeks is a long time to be away from your hubby, and it was a long time for the girls to be away from their daddy!


  1. I'm glad you had a great time & also glad that you are back home. I missed you all a lot while you were gone. Zack & I did enjoy sushi one evening though while you were away.... looking forward to spending Saturday at the rib cook-off with you guys and then Natty Bug's birthday party on Sunday!

  2. You have a fantastic family! Your girls are adorable! :)

  3. We really loved having you, wish Zack could have been here. Sierra and i had so much fun shopping with you girls just wish you lived here allready. The day at the Carussel was great. The day i spend with all the girls while you got to go fishing Katrina was great so enjoyed you and the Girls. When i went looking for cookie Dough tonight and found one open well only you or lizzy would do that since lizzy wasnt here well geuss what your it. I love you all and miss you terribly allready MOMA

  4. Looks like you and the kiddos had a wonderful time!


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