Saturday, October 17, 2009

Broken...or just feels broken?

Friday, I was playing with Emily and she was hiding in the kitchen. So I was sneaking up on her and jumped out - only to catch my foot completely wrong on her nebulizer (that should not have been on the floor anyway!) I cried, it hurt so bad. It hurt even worse when Emily insisted on kissing it better - which, really I love her for!


I know that I have kinda wide feet on any given day, but I feel like I have 3 toes and 2 sausages - and I don't like sausage. It really hurts, and I think that this is the worse possibly broken bones I have ever had, because I still have to be on my feet a lot with two little girls.

What is/was your worst injury?
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  1. It is doubtful that it is broken, so just pack ice on it often. Try to stay off your feet if you can, and take a musle relaxant/pain killer. It does look painful, but my bet is that you simply bruised it very bad. I have no clue what way you landed on your foot, but that is my best answer. Get better!

  2. ouch! i can see the pain through the picture, wheewww wee. definitely take care of it, but if it doesn't feel better in a few days, go to the ER. it's possible that bones could be broken--the body is strong but a very delicate thing. i know someone who had broken foot bones for months and didn't know it, they wouldn't mend because of continuous pressure applied when walking. ouch!

    my worst injury...hmm. physically it was probably when i got into a car accident and the seat belt yanked me back and kept me from going through the windshield at 50mph. i was hurt so bad i could hardly breathe without pain for about 3 days! it felt like every bone in my body was out of place!

  3. Ouch that definately looks like it HURT!
    Heal up feel better soon

  4. OUCH!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!! My worst injury? Does a C/section count? ;-)


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