Monday, October 26, 2009

I am disappointed in Wells Fargo

We opened child savings accounts for each of our girls at Wells Fargo. There was virtually no interest rate, but it was a great concept of teaching children how to save. Whenever a child would deposit $3 into one of these accounts, they got these little "Wells Fargo Bucks" they looked like a smaller version of play money with the horse drawn coach that is Wells Fargo's logo. Then the kids would save these bucks to buy the toy that they wanted from the bank. There was a little catalog and everything - great program!

They totally changed it. They don't give the kids the savings bucks anymore, they are supposed to save their receipts from the deposits and bring them in to see what they may have earned - no way to keep track, and in my opinion, less of a realistic savings experience.

Emily has been taught the concept of saving since long before she understood it, and she loved the idea of the moneys that she got for saving, and now that program is no more. I am very disappointed in Wells Fargo - seriously, printing those savings bucks couldn't have been that big of an expense for them in comparison to some they have. And to think, I even switched to paperless statements to save them some money (and the environment)...

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  1. Seems like they've been changing a lot of thinks and not being the "family" or "business" bank anymore. It's too bad too because everything you said is so true. Keep teaching the kids to save though, it's a great habit to get into! Love you!


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