Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine

Sometime this week, my childrens' doctor's office is supposed to get the swine flu vaccine in, and their doctor strongly recommends that both of my children, hubby, and myself get the vaccine. I trust their doctor (or they would have a different one) but I was not quite sold on the swine flu vac.
With all of the controversy and government hype, I have heard many people saying that they are not going to get the N1H1 Vac nor will they have their children receive it. Personally, I prefer to do a little research and learn facts and then make an informed decision. I kind of feel like a hypocrite because we all got the flu shot this year, so why not the swine flu shot too? I was put at ease with any questions that I had answered wonderfully by the doctor.
So, my family will be getting vaccinated against N1H1 sometime this week or next. What are your feelings toward the swine flue vaccination, will you or your family be getting it?


  1. Nope, not us. Not because of any of the hype....just because we don't do regular flu shots so I don't feel swayed to do this "special" flu shot. We practice flu prevention (like vigilant hand washing, etc) all year, so we don't really fret too much about the flu.

  2. I'm not getting the H1N1 for our family though we will be getting the regular flu shot this year.

  3. I'm always cautious when it comes to vaccines. All of my kids have received vaccines much later and more spread out than getting over 30 doses during their first year. However, I am going to give my kids the H1N1 vaccine. I'm more worried about H1N1 combining with the regular flu to become a super flu. My peditrician told me that tammiflu (the medicine they give you if you have the flu) can have more side effects than the vaccine. I know several people who have been sick so I decided it's a matter of "when" not "if" we'll get the flu. I just hope the health department gets the vaccine in before that.


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