Monday, October 26, 2009

Smilie Face Snack brings smiles to my house!!

This afternoon, I decided that rather than just making the girls snacks, I would have Emily help me make them. It was a blast! Emily loves to hang out in the kitchen and help with everything - cooking, cutting, cleaning, washing dishes, and more... I am not comfortable with having my 2 year old (almost 3!) use knives, I'm just not. But sinse becoming a Pampered Chef consultant, I learned about a pretty nifty little gadget - my safe cutter, it has a round point and jagged blade (sharp enough to cut apples, cheese, etc. but wont cut hands!!)
So today Emily cut the apple with her safe cutter - and beamed with pride!!
So the snack that we made was smiley face "sandwiches"
Take a piece of bread and spread some peanut butter on it. Use raisins to make eyes and a nose on the bread, then cut an apple into wedges and use the wedges to make smiles!
This was a cute little snack that is healthy, fast, easy, and cheap - but most importantly it was FUN!!!



  1. LOL my daughter has always hated peanut butter sandwiches

    have a great day ♥

  2. That is too cute!!! I can't wait until my son cares enough about his food that it's worth my while to do cute snacks :)


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