Monday, November 16, 2009

Advice too good not to share!

Last night there was a blood drive at church and Zack and I had signed up to give blood. I wasn't able to give blood because it hasn't been a year since I got a (totally cute) tattoo. So I sat and knitted a scarf for a while and then ended up talking to Pastor Pat for a few minutes.
I am not going to tell you everything that we talked about...but I feel compelled to share with you some wisdom that should put a smile on your face - and keep it there!
The Bible says that the thoughts God has for you outnumber the sands of the seas. Guess where does it say that God ever has a bad thought about you. Yes, that means that GOD, our creator, who is amazing, wonderful, merciful, and all-mighty thinks so many good thoughts about you that it is CRAZY for you not to think (at least) a few good thoughts about yourself.
Thank you Pastor Pat for always having something wonderful to say that is based in the Bible, but hits home!

Self esteem is a sore spot for many women. I have heard it said from many sources that one of woman's greatest faults is forgetting or underestimating their worth. There are women all over the world who have crap happen in their lives and as a result create crappier lives for themselves. My prayer is that every once in a while, we would all stop to realize that we were created for a purpose divine - God did not make a mistake in creating ANY one of us - man or woman. Sometimes we are allowed to live through things that should never have been, but there is a reason. As I said in last week's Thankful Thursday post, when we persevere through life's trials, we are later able to help another get through something similar. But when we start getting down, and need to remember that we are worth something, please remember that the thoughts God thinks of YOU outnumber the sands of the seas, and not one of them is bad.
Be Blessed!

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