Monday, November 2, 2009

I want to CRY!

I was doing the dishes, something that has to be done. It didn't take me a crazy amount of time, just long enough to do the dishes. Usually Natalie (1 year old) will be playing with some toys relatively close to me so that I can see her and she can see me, and Emily watches Dora while playing with toys in the living room. Why should today be any different??? Really, why? For the life of me, I cannot come up with a good reason why this would happen...

Yes, that is right, my little Princess Emily (almost 3 years old) butchered her hair. Her beautiful hair, reduced to...well, you saw the pictures.
I heard Natalie cry and I went to see what was going on. Natalie had my eye liner (my favorite color - bronze) and was coloring herself and the book shelf that I had brought in from the garage. After taking it away from her and picking her up, I wondered how she got into my bathroom - child locks on the doors. Well I looked at my bedroom and the door was ajar, I opened it and SCREAMED. Emily was sitting on my floor with scisors and hair all around her, and she went for another chunck of hair as I was reaching for the scissors. *tear* Maybe it is because she watched her daddy get a hansome haircut yesterday...

Praise the Lord that she didn't get hold of Natalie.

So, have your little ones ever cut their own hair? Or did you as a child?


  1. Hello Kat,

    just viewed pictures of your beautiful princess. Just got a big laugh there for a while. I did that when i was small and really spiked my whole bangs, i have to find that old picture too, maybe share it too. My two kids did their share with their hair cutting plus bubble gums on top of it. Kids are like that, adventurous and funny. Its a phase they will outgrow. Enjoy them for're going to miss these moments later. Gemini, hear form you soon.

  2. Hi Katrina, OOOOOOO have we laughed alot last night i remember Emy's Mom cuttung up Oma's brand new Chair with Scissors. Emy is georgess even with an exotic Haircut. Love u all M oma

  3. Oh My!!! SHe is still beautiful!! :)) None of my children ever cut there own hair (knock on wood) although there is still time for that to happen. I remember getting gum stuck in my hair when I was about 6 and I cut it out so I wouldn't get into trouble!! Ah, the mind of a child.


  4. When mine were 3 & 4 they got ahold of the scissors. Amanda (3) cut Megan's (4) bangs. I told her to not do that again, but she actuall did a really good job. Hard to believe that was 14 years ago!

    Emily's hair will grow back and it really doesn't look that bad. Thank goodness her hair is light. If her hair was darker I think it would look much worse.


  5. OH NO!!! The things I have to look forward to.....

    My brother and sister both did it when they were little. So did my cousin..along with all of her barbies!

  6. HUGS to you MOM I know what your feeling.
    My daughter did a bit of specialty work on her own hair many yrs ago. I then explained to her the importance of leaving it to the professionals and we took her in for a real hair cut and icecream after words. See what the beautician can do to fix her up. Sometimes they can come up with something really cute.
    The yrs will pass the memory will fade and you'll have a good chuckle one day with her over it. PUT The sissors up mom I'm sure they are some place real high like on top of the fridge.
    Thankfully she didn't cut her self or ear in the process. She's still adorable and I'd keep the back long :)


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