Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Extreme Irritation with Stork Craft Regarding Recalled Cribs

Earlier this week, Stork Craft recalled a VERY LARGE number of cribs, you can find more information on that here. I happen to own one, and my daughter has been sleeping in it sinse she was born, but at the urging of the recall we have sinse had to find other safe sleeping arrangments for Natalie, which pretty much translates right to she is sleeping in our bed with us. I love snuggling and cuddling as much as the next person, but really I am not a huge fan of Natalie in bed with Zack and I.
Anyways, the reason that I am SO incredibly irritated is that the phone number given n the recall notice, the same number I posted in the last post, is always busy - there is no one answering them. AND the website doesn't load. I contacted the CPSC and they said that they are aware of the situation and urging parents to be patient.
I am normally pretty patient, at least I try :), but this is rediculous and I am out of patience. My sister bought it for us before Natalie was born, and this was not a cheap crib. (Not saying that cheap cribs would wearrant this lack either, besides have you seen a cheap crib? Me either!)
I am very disappointed in the Stork Craft brand at this point and am pretty sure that I will never purchase any of their products ever, ever again! Thanks for listening!

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