Thursday, November 5, 2009

GoGo Trouser Socks - Review

My feet are always cold, and often get numb. My circulation to my hands and feet is not the best, it seems like no matter how warm it may be outside, my hands and feet are cold. When I heard that GOGO made socks, tights, and pantyhose that are specifically designed to increase circulation, I was excited - sure it helped that they are also made to prevent varicose and spider veins!!

Some info from the GoGo site:
The synergy of GOGO, with high-end microfiber yarns and Lycra not only give you natural energy, it makes you feel fabulous! The product fits scientifically to aid in the prevention of varicose and spider veins. The addition of Lycra yarns provide a slimming effect and increase the durability of GOGO, so it lasts longer.


Flying - The natural science of GOGO will just help out to keep that nasty swelling down and as a bonus, you'll be able to slip your shoes back on when the plane lands.

Sitting - If you sit for extended periods of time you will be more alert if you keep your blood moving and not sitting idly in veins. You'll feel better too!

Standing - On your feet all day? We do not want you to encourage those nasty varicose and spider veins. We do want you to feel like you could still go out and dance all night.

Running - This is a great workout. You're running, GOGO is working with your body to give you more energy. Pure running bliss.

At the Gym - It goes without saying - when you are working out, GOGO is working with you! You can actually feel the soft yarns massaging your legs as you go!

On a Date - Read above and repeat. I highly recommend the thigh-high stockings.

My experience with GoGo was great! (Well my second experience was, I tried to put the socks on while my foot was still very swollen and sore - not a good idea!) I was sent a pair of Cocoa ribbed trouser socks and a pair of Navy diamond trouser socks to try. I love them. They are comfortable, kept my feet warm, and I didn't get the tingling in my feet at all while I was wearing them. Like with any pantyhose and most knee- and thigh-high socks, they were a little tight at the top, but not uncomfortable. These socks actually remind me of the thermal socks that I have for skiing. GoGo socks are well made, after being washed (hand-wash only) several times, they are still in like-new condition.
I wear them often because of keeping my feet warm and from going numb, they are slim and are comfortable weather I am wearing slippers, tennis shoes, or pumps! I would recommend these socks to anyone who may have trouble with legs/feet feeling tired, going numb, varicose or spider veins, or anyone who just likes nice socks! They also have a maternity line - you have got to love a company that caters to ALL women! And did I mention that they are made in the USA - another bonus!

I was provided with 2 pairs of GoGo trouser socks to write this review, but the opinions are my own.

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